Meeting Rooms are back!

Would you like to use one of our meeting rooms?

OFL currently has 3 meeting rooms available for public use:

  • Room 218: Max capacity 4
  • Room 222: Max capacity 10
  • Room 223: Max capacity 6

Equipment available in each room: dry-erase board and markers, projector, digital display (Rm 222 only), tables and chairs

Changes to Policy:

  • Maximum of 3 active reservations allowed per individual/group.

  • Meeting rooms may be reserved up to 7 days in advance.

  • Meeting rooms may be reserved for up to 2 hours per day.

Click here to download and print a copy of our 2nd Floor Meeting Room Policy. (Approved May 26, 2021)

Note: Large community room remains unavailable at this time.

OFL Virtual Meeting Room

Onondaga Free Library’s Virtual Meeting Room is still available! OFL is pleased to continue to offer a private virtual meeting room for all your meeting needs, from one-on-one tutoring sessions to conferences and board meetings. Our room can accommodate large gatherings (up to 100 individuals) and can be configured as a webinar.

How can I request to use OFL’s Virtual Meeting Room?

Fill out the form below or call the library at (315) 492-1727. 

  • All reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.  Reservations can be requested up to one month in advance and no later than two days prior to your meeting.
  • Meetings must be scheduled during normal library hours.  Meetings are limited to two hours.  Only one reservation per day per patron or organization.
  • OFL's Virtual Meeting Room Policy
  • Netiquette Guide

Regular Meeting or Webinar? Webinars follow a different format than regular meetings. Regular meetings are highly interactive—everyone can speak and participate. They are perfect for organizational or small group events. Webinars are essentially virtual lecture halls—only one presenter or group of presenters can speak; all other participants are limited to interacting in the chat. Webinars are perfect for town hall-style events or large gatherings.

Once your reservation has been confirmed...

You will receive an email from OFL with instructions on how to access your meeting which include returning to this page and clicking the button below.

virtualmeetingbuttonNote: All meetings will take place in a private virtual room. However, an OFL staff member will remain in the main “lobby area” to assist in the event of technical issues. The OFL staff member will not enter the private room unless asked to do so by the meeting host.

Virtual Meeting Room Request Form

NOTE: Submitting this form does not guarantee that the requested date(s) and time(s) is (are) available. A request is only considered "booked" after confirmation by OFL staff. 

Would you like to use one of our meeting rooms? Call or email us.

OFL has 4 meeting rooms available for public use:

  • 1 large community room - Room Capacity: 150 adults (75 adults with chairs)
    Equipment available: Projector with screen, laptop, podium, dry-erase board/easel, DVD player, VCR, piano, tables and chairs. Kitchen access is also available with the Community Room - $50 refundable deposit
  • 3 small rooms
    Equipment available: Dry-erase board, projector, wall-mounted digital display (Rm 222 only), tables and chairs
    • Room 218 -  Comfortably seats 4-6 adults (with table)
    • Room 222 - Comfortably seats 10-12 adults (with removable tables)
    • Room 223 - Comfortably seats 8-10 adults (with table)