Computer Policy/User Agreement

Library users assume the responsibility for any damage to their personal property that may result from using library materials or from downloading information from library computers.  Onondaga Free Library assumes no liability for any damage to property allegedly caused by library materials or computers and will not pay for the repair of any property allegedly damaged as a result of using library materials or computers.

Computer User Guidelines

  • A valid OCPL library card in the patron’s name is required.  For visitors from outside Onondaga County, a valid ID can be used to get a guest pass.
  • Patrons must have no more than $50.00 in fines on their card.
  • Patrons must agree to these computer user guidelines each time they log on to our public computers.
  • Children under 7 years of age must have an adult present when using the computers.
  • A maximum of 2 patrons can be sitting at the same computer.
  • Ages 13 & up are guaranteed 2 hours when they log on to a computer.  Ages 12 & under are guaranteed 1 hour when they log on to a computer.  Time can be extended in 30 minute increments if no patrons are waiting- Please see staff to extend time.
  • Patrons must save files to their own portable drives, as the computers get wiped clean after each session.
  • One-sided printing is available: B&W 25¢/page & Color 50¢/page

Click here to download and print a copy of our Computer Policy/User Agreement.

Internet Policy

Onondaga Free Library is pleased to be able to offer Internet access to the public.  This gateway increases the Library's ability to fulfill its mission of making information available to all.  This document outlines our policy regarding Internet access.  These rules are subject to revision at any time and users are responsible for staying informed about current policy.

  • Internet access is a privilege extended to the public by Onondaga Free Library.  This policy applies to both public access computers and computers brought onto OFL premises. Library staff reserves the right to end any computer session at its discretion.
  • The library's Internet access may be used for legal purposes only.  It is the responsibility of the user to acquaint himself/herself with what constitutes legal/illegal behavior on the Internet.  By using the access provided, the user agrees to indemnify Onondaga Free Library from any action taken against it as a result of the user’s illegal behavior.
  • Library patrons shall not use the library's Internet resources in any manner that violates library policy, federal, state or local laws.
  • Personal software shall not be installed or used without staff permission.  Library computers are not set up for gaming, chatrooms or instant messaging.  Web-based e-mail is acceptable, but the library does not provide online services such as AOL, MSN, etc.
  • The Internet is a largely unregulated, global information structure that contains material which is offensive to some and in some cases is unsuitable for children.  Onondaga Free Library supports the Constitutional right of free speech and does not censor any Internet content except for computers in the children’s area.  Only parents and guardians, not the library staff, may restrict children from Internet access or other library resources.  It is solely the responsibility of parents to monitor the Internet usage of their children.
  • The library prohibits the downloading, storage, printing or any public display of any material which interferes with the activities of library staff or patrons, or any activity which contributes to a hostile or threatening environment.
  • It is the responsibility of patrons to educate themselves regarding the use and navigation of the Internet.  The Library will provide pointers to materials within the library and to files and tutorials on the Internet to assist in this education.
  • By using the Internet access that Onondaga Free Library provides, you indicate agreement with the policies in this document and any additional policies posted at the Internet access terminal.

Approved June 28, 2006

Click here to download and print a copy of our Internet Policy.