OFL's children's services librarians have put together great themed storytime kits for parents, grandparents, caregivers and daycare providers to checkout!  Each themed bag has great read-aloud books, suggestions for ways to read, write, talk, play and sing with young children, and an activity to extend the storytime fun.

  • Dance Kit #1 - PLACE HOLD
  • Dance Kit #2 - PLACE HOLD
  • Dance Kit #3 - PLACE HOLD
  • Jump for Joy Kit - PLACE HOLD
    Explore the ups and downs of everyday feelings.
  • Munch a Bunch Kit - PLACE HOLD
    Explore the theme of food.
  • On the Move Kit - PLACE HOLD
    Celebrate relationships and promote self-awareness.
  • Snap, Crackle, Moo Kit - PLACE HOLD
    Discover, play with and imitate sounds.
  • Up, Down & Around Kit - PLACE HOLD
    Celebrate moving around.
  • Going to the Potty - PLACE HOLD
  • Manners: Sharing - PLACE HOLD
  • Manner: Please & Thank You 

Note: When placing our Storytime to Go Kits on hold, you will notice that the title showing will be "Family Fun Night Unplugged".